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Maria Elena and her husband Steve listening to the St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Chancel Choir perform during their wedding ceremony in May 2014.

“The vocal repertoire for weddings is so beautiful, and there is so much more out there than most people have any idea of! At our own wedding in May 2014, my husband, a trumpet player, and I picked the music: two trumpet voluntaries, Handel’s “Eternal Source of Light Divine” with trumpet, organ and soprano, Clausen’s “Set me as a Seal” for a cappella choir, and my processional was Parry’s “I Was Glad,” with organ, trumpet and choir all together. It was absolutely incredible! Our families and guests could not stop talking about the music, and even the church’s own coordinator said she had never heard such wonderful, original repertoire in 20 years of weddings! It really made me want to create that magical, unique experience for other brides, and fortunately, I knew the perfect musicians with which to make it happen!”
  – Maria Elena

Sarah singing a recital at a church in Aiken, SC

Sarah singing a recital at a church in Aiken, SC

“In high school I played violin and I used to play at weddings with a string quartet. I always loved playing at the ceremonies and getting ideas and admiring the gowns. But we always played the same repertoire for every ceremony. It was lovely music, but every other aspect of your wedding is very personal and unique, so I think the music should be as well. There are so many beautiful love songs that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony, yet you rarely hear them performed in that setting. I look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to vocal repertoire that will be meaningful and personal on your special day.”
   – Sarah

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